Terms & Conditions

Our Commitment to You

CXO Media Group (CXOMG) will arrange various meetings, workshops and think tank sessions for you at the summit within your personal agenda. Please note that the schedules may be altered as necessary. CXOMG works to develop the best possible itinerary for you based on your priorities.

We reserve the right to determine the theme scope and content of meetings, workshops, and speeches during the summit and vary the programme or its content as deemed necessary.

Your commitment

You agree to participate in the official summit agenda, including various meetings, workshops and think tank sessions.

Only named and pre-registered delegates may attend the summit.

You agree to pay a administration fee to CXOMG of £97.45p upon registration, these costs are in relation to administration for point 3 of these terms and conditions.  The administration fee is non refundable unless the event is cancelled by CXOMG, in this unlikely event you will be entitled to a full refund or the option to transfer your administration fee to another CXOMG event. You have the right to cancel your registration within 14 days, cancellations must be made in writing and sent to accounts@cxomg.com upon receipt of written cancellation you will receive a full refund within 14 days. Cancellations made outside of these terms will be deemed non-refundable.

You agree to supply copy by deadline specified by CXOMG (e.g. Headshot, Executive Bio, etc.) which will be used in the Summit Guide, which is distributed to all in attendance. In the event that no submission is received, information from your LinkedIn will be utilised.

Delegates are responsible for their own insurance (including but not limited to travel insurance, personal effects and personal insurance), vaccinations and visa (where applicable).

The Summit will be held at the Tivoli Vilamoura Marina Resort Portugal.

Official Summit hours are as follows, 15:00 CET Day 1 (18th March 2024) until 13:00 CET on Day 3 (20th March 2024).

By confirming your attendance with the below signature, CXOMG maintains the right to associate your name as a Advisory committee member with the summit through our customer-facing promotional material and you agree for CXOMG to share your business details with invited guests of The CXOMG Data Summit, Europe, 2024.

Travel, food and beverage

CXOMG will organise and agree to pay for pre-agreed standard airfare & transfers (where applicable). CXOMG will provide accommodation, food and beverage throughout the official summit hours at summit run meals and receptions. Any additional cost incurred by the delegate will be their own responsibility.

Cancellation & Substitution Cancellation & Substitution

CXOMG has invited you specifically and has prepared the program, agenda, accommodation, food and beverage for your requirements.

Should you be unable to attend, you must make every effort to provide a replacement delegate from within your company to attend the summit. Full cancellation must be agreed upon in writing no later than 60 days before the summit. Cancellation after this time will be down to the discretion of a director of CXOMG if a replacement cannot be offered. Default or Breach of these cancellation terms resulting in a ‘No-show’ without informing CXOMG of your absence will result in you paying for any costs outlaid by CXOMG for flights, transfers, accommodation, food and administration, should this be applicable.

CXO Media Group
CXO Data Summit • Europe

9-11 September 2024 • Crete